This article was written on December 1, 2012 and is the copy written intellectual property of the trustees of

There has never been a better time in history to participate in online music mastering. Because of the speed of today’s Internet and today’s networks, the ability to upload your music files to an online mastering facility has created a revolution in the music mastering industry.

There has never been a time in history where one could get such great mastering results so quickly. The quality of today’s mastering gear is exceptional. The online music mastering business today is similar to a Polaroid picture. The musician, artist, and music producer can get near-instantaneous, high quality results. These exceedingly high quality results come at a fraction of the cost of what mastering would have cost even just a few years ago.

Of course, because of the availability of the Internet there’s also never been an easier time to start in online music mastering web site. This has led to an influx of lower quality or inexperienced “mastering” “services”.  So how is one to differentiate between experienced mastering facilities and inexperienced,  ill-equipped online mastering businesses?

One way to tell is by looking at their equipment list. Because finished mixes are so harmonically and dynamically complex, it takes a different set of high-quality audio gear to process these multifaceted signals. When choosing an online music mastering facility, check for brands in equipment that you don’t normally see in tracking or mixing studios. It may seem counterintuitive, but there may even be brand names that you don’t even recognize. In fact, it should be a red flag when you do see brand names that you recognize like ProTools and Waves. And it should be a red flag when you see people using mixing boards, and regular studio monitors in their “mastering studios”.

Many of these lower quality online audio mastering services are nothing more than people with regular recording studios trying to diversify to expand their income. When it comes to mastering, it is important to go to somebody who does a lot of mastering projects. If the engineers are splitting their time between tracking sessions, mixing sessions, overdub sessions, and mastering sessions, they obviously are not spending enough time doing mastering.

Choosing an online music mastering facility is a lot like choosing a surgeon. When you’re choosing a surgeon, it makes very good sense to go to a surgeon that does many cases of the procedures that you need done. The only way a surgeon can do a lot of cases in one area is by not diversifying and accruing the proper equipment and tools to just concentrate on that one procedure.  That’s exactly what the reputable online music mastering facilities like do.

So when you’re looking through the equipment lists of the online music mastering facilities, you should see brand names like Crane Song, Sontec, Pendulum Audio, Algorithmix, Weiss, Eagleston, Manley labs, Antelope, Lavry, and other names you typically do not see in mixing and tracking studios.

Also as mentioned above there is no real role for a multichannel recording console in the mastering process. It should be puzzling to you when the mastering service shows pictures of, or touts, a multi-input recording console. This typically means they have spent their money for tracking services, overdubs, and mixing services and are trying to recoup some of the cost for their giant recording console by offering mastering services.

When you see mastering brand names, it shows the mastering facility has put their money where their mouth is regarding making an investment in the proper gear for mastering. is the online presence of a successful long-established mastering business. For over seven years we have been providing hundreds and hundreds of finished masters to satisfied customers all around the world. We only do online music mastering.  Because of this, you can be confident that all our thinking, all our efforts, and all our investment is specifically for mastering. This allows us to deliver a world-class, high quality master to you at low cost.

Although we feel our product is worth more than what we are able to charge, you as the consumer in this competitive online mastering field, reap the benefits of today’s competitive online music mastering market.  We are able to deliver a world-class mastering product for a price that was unheard of only four or five years ago.

We are able to do this because of the convenience and low cost of Internet file delivery and online payment services.

The online payment services allow our customers pay for their mastering in ways that are convenient for them. Producers, artists, record labels, and bands that want to use credit cards can easily pay for their mastering with credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal balances.

In today’s competitive online mastering market, it is sometimes difficult to judge the quality of a mastering service by its pricing. It is likely if the pricing is too low you probably will not receive a very high quality master. We have also heard stories of people paying up to $5500 per song for mastering. And even after paying $5500 per song the customer wasn’t happy with the mastering job, yet the mastering studio refused to fix the masters for them.

It seems today in the range between $30 and $65 per track, online audio mastering is very hit and miss. This is not a plug for our competition, but there are studios like, that are offering exceptional quality master’s for about $50 a track. Yet there are many other studios offering mastering services for about $50 a track are sending out very low quality results.

Another spot you can look while trying to choose an online audio mastering service is in the ”about us” section of their website. Look for things like a long-term commitment to mastering only. Identify language that illustrates the experience of the mastering engineers. Look for things that exhibit their love of mastering and audio. Look for membership in professional organizations like the Audio Engineering Society, or SPARS, or academic involvement.

We at love mastering and love audio. Mastering is all we do. Mastering is all we think about. We have developed and perfected an accurate acoustic environment, comfortable professional mastering studio, and acquired highest-quality mastering gear available to anyone. We sincerely want you to make a good decision for your mastering project. For this reason we give you these recommendations for choosing an online mastering facility. We have done everything in our power to become one of the best choices in online music mastering available today we look forward to the opportunity of possibly working with you.

This article was written on December 1, 2012 and is the copy written intellectual property of the trustees of