Track By Track Processing
Each track or song will be processed individually. Depending on your objectives, we
may apply combinations of multi-band compression, multi-band limiting, multi-band
widening, multi-band excitement, equalization, high-pass filtering, parallel
compression, noise reduction, tape or tube saturation, error detection and
correction, DC offset removal, and loudness maximization.

Album Assembly
We will assemble your album with the track order you specify. You can specify tracks
that cross fade into each other. You can specify the pause length between tracks.
You can specify a “hidden track” before the CD starts, after the CD ends, or both.

Album Leveling
We will use our critical listening environment and digital tools to make sure each
track on your album is perceived as loud as the next. You may also specify specific
tracks appear louder or softer than others.

CD Text
We can encode CD text and IRSC codes onto your CD. With CD text encoded, your
text will be displayed on CD players that support CD text. Typically CD text would
include album title, artist name, and track name.

The last step in the CD pre-mastering or “mastering” processing is called dithering.
Dithering is an elegant solution for reducing the bit depth of audio files while
preserving resolution. Most likely, your audio files will need to be dithered to be
compatible with the compact disc specification. Depending on your objectives you
can choose from industry standard algorithms including Apogee UV22, Apogee
UV22 HR, Waves, and IZotope MBIT +.

Redbook CD
We will include 2 “Redbook” CDs of your completed album.
This type of CD is what you bring to a CD replicator or duplicator for mass

Quality Control
We use digital processes to detect glitches, clips, and clicks in source and
subsequent processed files. Usually these short duration artifacts can be fully
repaired. We use a digital process to check the Redbook CDs generated are
identical to the master audio file generated in the steps above.

We protect your work. We will not play your tracks for anyone else. We transfer your
files to password protected hard drives. We destroy original CDs and file sources.