We can accept and work with almost any type of file or format. However, we recommend submitting Wave ( .wav ) or AIFF (.aif ) files. Do not convert your mixes to MP3.

If you are using a “rendering” function such as “bounce to disk” or “render” you should bounce or render at whatever settings you originally used when opening the DAW session. These settings can be viewed in the “setup” menu under “Session Setup” in ProTools.

There is no gain in quality for rendering at higher bit depth and sample rate settings… you can’t get something for nothing!” Let us do any down-sampling or bit reduction.

  • If you are bouncing to disk in ProTools® use the settings of your original session Do not convert to MP3
  • Do not perform any conversions after you render (or while!)
  • Do not apply dither
  • We do not recommend bit depths less than 24 bit
  • We do not recommend sample rates less than 44.1 KHz
  • We recommend setting up your original ProTools or DAW sessions at 24Bit (or Higher) at 44.KHz or 88.2KHz